Friday Quickie: Miss Howard Disrobes

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The extract is from my first novel “Maid For Pleasure” – available now on Amazon or by clicking here.

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Who was Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch?

masochBorn in Austria in 1836, Sacher-Masoch gained early fame for his writings on Galician life.  However he is best known for his seminal work “Venus in Furs”.  The term Masochism is derived from his surname and is use to describe sexual gratification derived from one’s own pain or humiliation.

But he was not just a writer of erotic fiction.  His work spans a catalogue of writings on socialist and humanist ideals and he was known as a man who believed in utopian thinking.

His family were of Spanish descent and his Roman Catholic father was an Austrian police director who had married Charlotte, a Ukrainian noblewoman.  During his working life, he was a professor who had studied law, history and mathematics.  Fascinated by folklore and the culture of his Galician homeland, he soon turned his back on lecturing and became a man of letters.  This decision led to his non-fiction writing soon being surpassed by his fictional works.

There was an idyllic quality to much of his work which were translated into Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and French.

In 1869, he embarked on a grand scheme to create a series of short stories entitled “Legacy of Cain”.   “Venus in Furs” was one of only two that were completed.  They marked a shifting towards more misogynistic themes which explored Sacher-Masoch’s fantasies and fetishes. His primary peccadillo being for dominant women clad in furs.

It was in that same year that Sacher-Masoch signed a contract with his then mistress, Baroness Fanny Pistor, which made him her slave for a period of six months.  She was to wear furs as often as possible and especially so when she found herself feeling the creep of cruelty within her darkest soul.  He liked to be called ‘Gregor’, and acted the role of servant for the Baroness.  When they traveled to Italy, he traveled in a third-class compartment whilst she was holed up in the luxury of first-class.  This experience later affected his marriage to Aurora von Rumelin, who did not find pleasure in the arrangement.  They divorced eventually – their bond falling victim to Sacher-Masoch’s desire for excitement and stimulation.  Her memoirs of the marriage were published in 1906 under the pseudonym Wanda v Dunajew, and revealed a man labouring under his ‘perversion’ and dominated by his sexual desire.

He died in 1895 after the deterioration of his mental health – his last years were spent under psychiatric care and there were rumours that he had ended his days in an asylum.

As a writer, he remained well-respected and his influence on erotic fiction rivals that of the infamous Marquis De Sade.  It is no accident that his desires for domination are often put hand in hand with De Sade’s own desire to humiliate and inflict pain – sadism.

As a man, Sacher-Masoch was dominated by his sexual needs.  As a writer, he touched on something essential about human nature – the need to submit to our desires and be controlled by the object of our fascination.


Leopold and his mistress at the time of writing ‘Venus in Furs’ – Fanny Pistor.


A copy of Venus in Furs is included in “Victorian Erotica 101” which is available FREE along with six other works of erotic fiction from that period by signing up HERE. I will be posting a review of the novel soon but would urge you to read it for yourself.  It’s a fascinating read with some interesting ideas about dominant women and the men who adore them.

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Friday Quickie: Venus By Candlelight

venus by candlelight

The following is an extract from “The Mirror” from Episode 1 of the Kitty Cooper Diaries.  Out now on Amazon.  You can get your copy of the novella here.

I sat on the side of my bed. We were facing each other in the candlelight. I took a small nob of the ointment, just as I had watched Lilly do.  Pulling out my breasts, I began to rub the ointment into my own nipples and breathed deeply at the sensation.  It reminded me of dear John and how he had suckled at me with such urgency. Just the thought of John made me rub all the harder at my nipples.

“Slow down girl,” laughed Lilly, unpinning her hair as she watched me rubbing hard at my nipples.  Her thick, black hair fell straight down over her shoulders and I was disappointed that it covered her breasts. Lilly stood up and came over to my bed and began to slowly unpin my hair which I had left pinned up in my tiredness.  As she unpinned my hair, her breasts brushed past my face. I could hardly breathe as her warm, hard nipples brushed past my lips.  She looked down at me.

“Let me show you how I do it,” she whispered and sitting beside me on the bed, she began to delicately rub the ointment into her breasts right there beside me.  “I like to massage myself too.  Like this.”  I watched as she cupped both her breasts with her hands and pushed the flesh of her small breasts in towards her heart.  Her nipples just about touched and I felt a wetness coming down between my thighs.

I confess that I have never before been so close to such a lovely creature.  Her face has a brooding darkness that I have seen in gypsy girls before. Her eyes are the darkest brown.  I got juicy just looking on her pretty face, especially her lips which were parted slightly as she purred demurely at the sensations of kneading her own breasts.

“Try it,” she said.  “It’s so nice!”

So, I tried it too.  I held my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and held on tightly to them. The rest of my hands slowly and rhythmically pushed my breasts round in a circular movement, meeting at the nipple over my heart and then out towards my armpits.  As we did this at the same time, Lilly began to hum a soft sweet song and then sing the dirty words to accompany it.  I could not help but blush.  When she saw my blushing, Lilly leaned her head back and laughed.  “Dear little Kitty, Miss H told me that you were a virgin but I did not think that you could get so embarrassed at a few dirty words.  It’s nice though Kitty isn’t it?”

I could barely speak for I wished to moan aloud with the soft feel of my own hands touching my bare breasts, the candlelight and Lilly’s own darker nipples so close to mine.

“There now.  They’ll be nice and soft for tomorrow now.  Just how we like them!”  Lilly gave me a wink and, to my disappointment, covered up her breasts, climbed back into her own bed and blew out the candle.  I cannot say how long I laid there in the dark.  I can say that the thought of what I had just seen made me ache for the solitude of the hay bales so that I could rub myself to a noisy climax. Instead, I had to satisfy myself on that first night with a quiet still rubbing, careful not to make the bed squeak for fear that Lilly might hear me.~

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