Friday Quickie: Through the Branches

throught the branches

Through the branches I could see glimpses of them. I could hear their frenzied breathing, laughter, and the rustle of clothing being discarded amongst the autumn leaves. They did not know that I was there. How could they? I had watched them arrive though I knew that this was where they met. It was their secret place but I got here first.

He was standing over her now and watching whilst she lifted her hips to slide her panties down over her thighs. Her shoes were still on and I liked that. I like the way her white flesh ended in that hard leather. He was pulling at his belt buckle and then unpopped the buttons on his jeans. They spread open and his large cock rose from between the denim curtains. She giggled and reached up for him, pulling on him, dragging him down towards her. She wanted him and I wanted her to want him.

I did not move. I did not breathe though I was tingling at the sight of them. I watched as he moved down and knelt between her parted legs. She moaned as he lapped at her and a strange silence hung in the air punctuated only by her soft moans, his wet licking. She must be so wet by now. I was wet too. I could imagine how his tongue would feel. I knew that tongue. I knew that what he was doing to her, he had once done to me. I enjoyed the power of that knowledge and reached down to touch myself.

He took his hard cock in his hand and told her to watch as he twisted his strong hand round the shaft of him, making the skin strain and his tip burn with that purple hue of desire. I watched as he spat on his hands. I had liked it when he did that, praised him for it. I had taught him well.

And then he moved between her legs, pushing himself deep inside her. He slid in easily and she gasped at the sheer size of him as he ground himself deeper into her. He began to thrust – slowly at first and she moaned and tipped her head back against the damp leaves, her blonde hair spreading and tangling itself amongst the roots of the tree. She peaked and that pushed him forwards. this would be no slow, shuddering peak. He was going faster now and I knew that within seconds he too would peek and his hot seed would spill out inside her. She would feel that wave of warmth deep inside her and its presence would create a deeper orgasm. That too was a memory – the feel of a climax which emerged like waves from the very core of her, rippling out from her centre so that she would forget herself in the softness of it.

He fell forwards onto her and I knew to wait for a few minutes. There would be no lingering caress, no whispered tenderness. For a second she reached out towards him, to stroke his face perhaps, but then her hand withdrew and she reached for her scattered clothing which lay around them like discarded papers. He rolled off and lay on his back. His wet cock glistened in the autumn sunshine and he closed his eyes, as if to sleep. But he was not sleeping, he was hiding his eyes from the sight of her as she pulled her clothes towards her and tried to dress without standing up.

When her clothes were on, she stood up. “Same time next week?”

He looked over towards the bush where I was hidden, and nodded. “Same time next week, yes.”

And I nodded back at him. Same time next week.


Another Friday Quickie for you. I hope you are enjoying these little stories. I have had a busy week of writing “Hunting the Tiger” and cannot wait to share a few snippets with you. But not yet… I am not ready to share my characters yet – they are too precious, they are not quite ready! When they are, you will be the first to know.

I would love some of your ideas for FQ stories. If you have something you would like to share then do leave a comment. The most enticing idea will be popped in my notebook so that the seed can germinate between those darkened covers. If I do decide that your idea is intoxicating then I might even send you a free copy of “Maid For Pleasure”, my first novel about a Victorian girl who is taught the art of seduction. Pleasing her master is all that she desires.

If you can’t wait then you can get the book by clicking on the link on my Bookshelf page which is HERE.

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Who was Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch?

masochBorn in Austria in 1836, Sacher-Masoch gained early fame for his writings on Galician life.  However he is best known for his seminal work “Venus in Furs”.  The term Masochism is derived from his surname and is use to describe sexual gratification derived from one’s own pain or humiliation.

But he was not just a writer of erotic fiction.  His work spans a catalogue of writings on socialist and humanist ideals and he was known as a man who believed in utopian thinking.

His family were of Spanish descent and his Roman Catholic father was an Austrian police director who had married Charlotte, a Ukrainian noblewoman.  During his working life, he was a professor who had studied law, history and mathematics.  Fascinated by folklore and the culture of his Galician homeland, he soon turned his back on lecturing and became a man of letters.  This decision led to his non-fiction writing soon being surpassed by his fictional works.

There was an idyllic quality to much of his work which were translated into Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and French.

In 1869, he embarked on a grand scheme to create a series of short stories entitled “Legacy of Cain”.   “Venus in Furs” was one of only two that were completed.  They marked a shifting towards more misogynistic themes which explored Sacher-Masoch’s fantasies and fetishes. His primary peccadillo being for dominant women clad in furs.

It was in that same year that Sacher-Masoch signed a contract with his then mistress, Baroness Fanny Pistor, which made him her slave for a period of six months.  She was to wear furs as often as possible and especially so when she found herself feeling the creep of cruelty within her darkest soul.  He liked to be called ‘Gregor’, and acted the role of servant for the Baroness.  When they traveled to Italy, he traveled in a third-class compartment whilst she was holed up in the luxury of first-class.  This experience later affected his marriage to Aurora von Rumelin, who did not find pleasure in the arrangement.  They divorced eventually – their bond falling victim to Sacher-Masoch’s desire for excitement and stimulation.  Her memoirs of the marriage were published in 1906 under the pseudonym Wanda v Dunajew, and revealed a man labouring under his ‘perversion’ and dominated by his sexual desire.

He died in 1895 after the deterioration of his mental health – his last years were spent under psychiatric care and there were rumours that he had ended his days in an asylum.

As a writer, he remained well-respected and his influence on erotic fiction rivals that of the infamous Marquis De Sade.  It is no accident that his desires for domination are often put hand in hand with De Sade’s own desire to humiliate and inflict pain – sadism.

As a man, Sacher-Masoch was dominated by his sexual needs.  As a writer, he touched on something essential about human nature – the need to submit to our desires and be controlled by the object of our fascination.


Leopold and his mistress at the time of writing ‘Venus in Furs’ – Fanny Pistor.


A copy of Venus in Furs is included in “Victorian Erotica 101” which is available FREE along with six other works of erotic fiction from that period by signing up HERE. I will be posting a review of the novel soon but would urge you to read it for yourself.  It’s a fascinating read with some interesting ideas about dominant women and the men who adore them.

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Before we begin…

bookBefore we begin our little foray into the dark and sensuous underworld of erotic fiction, allow me to thank you for your time.

Every week, I will be sharing reviews of erotic fiction – classic and contemporary.  I might also be tempted to share some sensual little scribblings of my own which I will entitle the ‘Friday Quickie’.  So named for it being a quick read and possibly occurring on a Friday (genius!)

And, as I pen my erotic masterpieces, I will be keeping my readers posted on the writing process and the trials and tribulations of being an erotic writer.  It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

So there is our itinerary.  Join me as I delve deep into the sticky pages of saucy novels.  I shall try to eschew the less refined of the market’s current offerings.  I prefer boutique to street corner.

Think of me as your guide as we glide through the shelves.  More Agent Provocateur than Sid’s Sexy XXX Store.  We want class not pulp.

After all we are refined and elegant in our reading habits, not desperate for a quick thrill.

Aren’t we???