Friday Quickie: Through the Branches

throught the branches

Through the branches I could see glimpses of them. I could hear their frenzied breathing, laughter, and the rustle of clothing being discarded amongst the autumn leaves. They did not know that I was there. How could they? I had watched them arrive though I knew that this was where they met. It was their secret place but I got here first.

He was standing over her now and watching whilst she lifted her hips to slide her panties down over her thighs. Her shoes were still on and I liked that. I like the way her white flesh ended in that hard leather. He was pulling at his belt buckle and then unpopped the buttons on his jeans. They spread open and his large cock rose from between the denim curtains. She giggled and reached up for him, pulling on him, dragging him down towards her. She wanted him and I wanted her to want him.

I did not move. I did not breathe though I was tingling at the sight of them. I watched as he moved down and knelt between her parted legs. She moaned as he lapped at her and a strange silence hung in the air punctuated only by her soft moans, his wet licking. She must be so wet by now. I was wet too. I could imagine how his tongue would feel. I knew that tongue. I knew that what he was doing to her, he had once done to me. I enjoyed the power of that knowledge and reached down to touch myself.

He took his hard cock in his hand and told her to watch as he twisted his strong hand round the shaft of him, making the skin strain and his tip burn with that purple hue of desire. I watched as he spat on his hands. I had liked it when he did that, praised him for it. I had taught him well.

And then he moved between her legs, pushing himself deep inside her. He slid in easily and she gasped at the sheer size of him as he ground himself deeper into her. He began to thrust – slowly at first and she moaned and tipped her head back against the damp leaves, her blonde hair spreading and tangling itself amongst the roots of the tree. She peaked and that pushed him forwards. this would be no slow, shuddering peak. He was going faster now and I knew that within seconds he too would peek and his hot seed would spill out inside her. She would feel that wave of warmth deep inside her and its presence would create a deeper orgasm. That too was a memory – the feel of a climax which emerged like waves from the very core of her, rippling out from her centre so that she would forget herself in the softness of it.

He fell forwards onto her and I knew to wait for a few minutes. There would be no lingering caress, no whispered tenderness. For a second she reached out towards him, to stroke his face perhaps, but then her hand withdrew and she reached for her scattered clothing which lay around them like discarded papers. He rolled off and lay on his back. His wet cock glistened in the autumn sunshine and he closed his eyes, as if to sleep. But he was not sleeping, he was hiding his eyes from the sight of her as she pulled her clothes towards her and tried to dress without standing up.

When her clothes were on, she stood up. “Same time next week?”

He looked over towards the bush where I was hidden, and nodded. “Same time next week, yes.”

And I nodded back at him. Same time next week.


Another Friday Quickie for you. I hope you are enjoying these little stories. I have had a busy week of writing “Hunting the Tiger” and cannot wait to share a few snippets with you. But not yet… I am not ready to share my characters yet – they are too precious, they are not quite ready! When they are, you will be the first to know.

I would love some of your ideas for FQ stories. If you have something you would like to share then do leave a comment. The most enticing idea will be popped in my notebook so that the seed can germinate between those darkened covers. If I do decide that your idea is intoxicating then I might even send you a free copy of “Maid For Pleasure”, my first novel about a Victorian girl who is taught the art of seduction. Pleasing her master is all that she desires.

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ps:photo credit: Yevy Photography via photopin cc with a little bit of playing of my own!


Friday Quickie: The Beach

the beach
The beach was deserted.  I had guessed it would be.  The frost still hung in the air, lifting itself sleepily from the sand.  The waves were quietly breathing in and out, kissing the white sand with their foamy edge.

We paced along.  He beside me, a slight distance apart.  We were making chit chat.  An amusing conversation conducted in the accent of a world far apart from us.  There was nothing else in the world but this place, this time, us.

I thought briefly of my children, now safely holed up in a classroom on the other side of the harbour.  And I suppose I gave a fleeting thought to my husband, my ring cutting into my finger, a callous formed around it.  That was the reason I was here.

I shouldn’t be doing this, and yet where else could I go?

I did not dare look at him but I could feel his presence within the cells of my body.  He was a tingle, like fear.  I did not trust him but I wanted to be vulnerable.  I desired to exist in that light space at the top of a spiral.  I was not here for love.  I was here for something far more real.

We reached the dunes at the end of the beach and I stood aside as he laid the blanket out on the sandy ground.  We should eat now, he said.  It was not a question and I submitted to his command.  I felt a little sick.  I knew what must happen.

We lay down amongst the tall, sharp grasses and the noise of the waves dimmed to a hush.  No birds flew overhead.  Even the breeze was quiet now.  We were hidden.

Soon we were kissing.  At first I was content to allow my tongue to explore his mouth.  Another mouth.  I had not kissed another man for so many years and the delicious taste of an unfamiliar saliva made my body spring to attention.  Before long, my clothes felt restrictive and he tugged at my buttons, eager to see my naked flesh in the  morning light.

We stripped our top halves and I pulled him to my breast.  I wanted him to suckle me.  I wanted to feel his teeth wrap themselves around my hard nipples and bite a little too hard perhaps.  I pulled back, my nipple still caught between his teeth and smiled at the length of it.  When he let go, it bounced back inwards to its waiting pillow.  Suck me, I told me, suck me hard.

‘The sensation reached its tendrils down to my clit which contracted wildly then pulsed as the blood flowed through, fast and hard.  I was pulling at this belt now and undoing his jeans.  I had expected him to be hard for me, but instead his penis lay on his thigh, faintly stirring.  I leaned over and stroked my tongue up and down its length, taking it into my mouth and holding it there in a warm, wet cave.

I do want you, he said.

Shhh, I commanded.  The power had shifted and I was in control.  His arrogance faded a little.  He laid his head back on the blanket and closed his eyes.  I moved my tongue down to the base of his shaft and began to slowly lick upwards in small circling movements.  He grew hard underneath me, his hips shifting so that his balls were free from the fabric of his underpants.

When I reached the tip, I took the taut, purple flesh between my lips and moved them up and down, out then in, so that only the very peak of his member was inside my mouth.  I was good at this, my husband had trained me well.

I used my tongue to push the tiny string under his tip from side to side and he moaned a little as the precum oozed out.  Then I opened my mouth a little wider and moved it down over him, my lips pushing the looser flesh towards the ground.  Then up again so that only the very top of him was inside my mouth.

He was lost.  For a second I thought about keeping my eyes open but I had no desire to see his pleasure and my descent.  I wanted to lose myself in the rhythmic movement of his member sliding in and out of my mouth.  I wanted to forget myself with every movement of my hand up and down the length of him.  I wanted to be far away from here, from my life, from myself.

He came quickly into me and I noticed the taste of him was slightly sweeter than that of my husband.  Ironic really.  At the moment his seed pulsed into my mouth, I knew that he had served his purpose.  There would be no niceties afterwards, though I suspected that he would be the type who expected me to hold him for a while.

I swallowed, wiped the corner of my mouth and sat back.  His eyes stayed closed as I put my top back on.

It was a long quiet walk back to the car.

Hope you enjoyed this little story and that it has whet your appetite for the weekend ahead.

It’s been a big week for me with the launch of my first book “Maid For Pleasure” (now live on Amazon and Smashwords if you want to take a peek!) and I am busy writing my next novel which has the working title “Hunting the Tiger”.  It’s a sultry novel set in India.  I had thought originally that it might just be a short story but it seems to be taking on a life of its own so time will tell.  I will keep you posted.

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