Before we begin…

bookBefore we begin our little foray into the dark and sensuous underworld of erotic fiction, allow me to thank you for your time.

Every week, I will be sharing reviews of erotic fiction – classic and contemporary.  I might also be tempted to share some sensual little scribblings of my own which I will entitle the ‘Friday Quickie’.  So named for it being a quick read and possibly occurring on a Friday (genius!)

And, as I pen my erotic masterpieces, I will be keeping my readers posted on the writing process and the trials and tribulations of being an erotic writer.  It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

So there is our itinerary.  Join me as I delve deep into the sticky pages of saucy novels.  I shall try to eschew the less refined of the market’s current offerings.  I prefer boutique to street corner.

Think of me as your guide as we glide through the shelves.  More Agent Provocateur than Sid’s Sexy XXX Store.  We want class not pulp.

After all we are refined and elegant in our reading habits, not desperate for a quick thrill.

Aren’t we???