The Kitty Cooper Diaries

vol 1 box set 1

Enter the sensuous and erotic  world of Dipwick Hall.

In the dark heart of a Victorian mansion, one girl must learn the art of seduction.

Kitty Cooper is no innocent and when her games at the farm come to an end, she is sent to Dipwick Hall.

As a maid, she must serve her Master and Mistress.  But reclusive Lord and Lady Seaton are a couple with high standards and dark desires.  Kitty must learn all that, enigmatic housekeeper, Miss Howard knows if she is to become the maid that her Master desires.

Kitty must master the seven lessons passed on from a Parisian courtesan,.   But as she learns the art of seduction, Kitty must decide whether she will keep the thing that she has protected for so long or submit to the desires of her body.

Can she use her new skills to seduce the enigmatic Mr Solomons?

And when the Master returns, will he be satisfied with her?

Set in late Victorian England, “Maid for Pleasure:  Volume I of the Kitty Cooper Diaries” shares the complete seven lessons of Kitty’s education.  Through her explicit diary entries, Kitty leads us deeper into a world of  lost love,  godless ambition, and dark desires.

Published previously as a series of three novellas, this edition is the complete Volume I with details of how to access a free book “Victorian Erotica 101”, a compendium of 6 classics of Victorian erotic fiction.

NOTE: This full novel is written for adults over the age of 18 and may contain material that could shock such as MFM, FF,  FFM, BDSM, voyeurism, masturbation, oral and anal sex.


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