Friday Quickie: Miss Howard Disrobes

Something a little different today – an audio offering.

The extract is from my first novel “Maid For Pleasure” – available now on Amazon or by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it!

With love



4 thoughts on “Friday Quickie: Miss Howard Disrobes

  1. I was spell-bound in the action building up, and the clothes coming off. A fantastic way to share your work! The British accent matched the story so very well. And I loved the description of the difference in simply shedding off one’s clothes and disrobing, especially the thought of when it is done so well, the man is not only hard, but comes in his britches. In your story, we are treated for a woman’s perspective, and it was incredibly sensual. I’m going to re-blog this because I like the audio so much — I hope you don’t mind.


  2. Reblogged this on August MacGregor and commented:
    Here’s a fantastic way another erotica author is sharing her story: an audio clip. The narrator’s British accent matches the sensual action spot on, with a woman being treated to Miss Howard demonstrating a proper disrobing. So very hot.


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